Jamaal Ali

Board of Advisor

Passionate, powerful and persuasive, Jamaal draws on his vast life experiences to connect with his audience to move them into the action required to transform their lives. Motivation is good, Inspiration is better but Transformation is best. As he says, “if nothing changes then nothing changes’.
Jamaal is a super sharp, energetic, charismatic master communicator, keynote speaker and a Amazon Best Selling Author. If there is no communication there is no influence. If there is no influence you can’t address and help solve the myriad of problems we are facing in today’s world. Our young folk especially women are at risk of being left out, left behind and left without a seat at the table of opportunity. Not on my watch.
My commitment is to excellence and maximizing the human potential starting with myself and then all those I come in contact with. Together we can, together we will and together we must make a positive difference in the world.
Jamaal has a flair and passion for fashion. Noted for his style and elegance he brings the perfect vision, energy and resource to Baho.
Remember, time and the right amount of pressure turns caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds.
Let the transformation begin…

Keil Corey

Board of Advisor

Burlington, Vermont based consultant specializing in business strategy for positive social and environmental outcomes. Recent projects include impact investing project management, corporate carbon offsetting, and social impact strategy for off-grid wireless service in an emerging market. Former solar marketing and sales consultant with additional experience in the non-profit sector in communications, development, grassroots organizing, and advocacy roles. Experienced advocate for climate change, renewable energy, water quality, forests and wildlife, and smart growth. Passionate about creating value at the intersection of business, society, and the environment. Holds a master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in Sustainable Innovation from the University of Vermont.

Lisa Gakara

Board of Advisor

I am Rwandan, a college student earning my degree in Business Management at St.Cloud State University, Minnesota. You might ask why business management? The perfect career path for me is one that I am passionate about but also one that is very profitable. Business Management is a very broad field that will allow me to explore, figure out the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, make connections and teach me how to be a risk taker.

 Being away from home has been particularly hard, In Uganda I went to a boarding school where I was pushed to learn how to be independent in some respects and solve problems without relying on family all the time. Evidently this was challenging but it is a great tool to have in life.

However, I have managed to stay in tune with my native culture. I go back home for the holidays a lot and enjoy my time there with family and friends.

I too am a proud feminist of course so it has been very exciting to be even slightly involved in Baho and what it will stands for. One of my long-term goals is to own a firm that uplifts women. A firm that creates multiple job opportunities for women and their visions or manufacturing products primarily for women’s consumption. What better way to earn experience than to be an advisor for Baho Holdings? I am elated to support Alexis’ passion of bettering the women & girls of Rwanda, the globalization and contribution to Made in Rwanda goods and services but especially bringing dreams to life.