About us

Baho Fashion specializes in creating African inspired fashion & handmade clothing and accessories.

Our mission is to build a creative brand that also has a purpose for good. We use our styles to tell stories of African culture and heritage.

Our purpose is to drive socio-economic change. We source all fabrics, and all the clothing is handmade within Africa. We employ & empower youth and leading them into a better quality of life. We have also made a commitment to give back to vulnerable families through our Baho Foundation.

Alexis Niyonsaba

Founder & Creative Director

The name Baho was birthed from a word of hope which means” live”.
Baho was an idea by Alexis Niyonsaba which is a Kinyarwanda word which means “live”, college student drop out whose in IT & Procurement turned designer, who made it come to life. He transitioned it from a hobby to taking a huge chance to share his passion and purpose with the world. I define myself as a feminist. I believe that empowering girls is essential to enable their agency and control over their lives, which in turn improves the lives of everyone who they interact with. In Africa, as is the case in many parts of the world, women who work and earn an income typically reinvest much of that money in their families and in their communities.
My goal is to build a business that is also a place to heal. Baho Fashion House is not only a place of business, it is also a home and family for my staff, my suppliers, and my customers. We were all born into this world with needs, but also with incredible gifts. My hope and purpose is to share in our common needs of healing, a restored vision, and revive the hopeful spirit of Rwandese people, as well as our global community. Baho Fashion House will bring together sewing skills, a love of African textiles, an eye for beauty, cultivate passion and compassion.

I realized that I am hospitable by nature when I started working in hospitality industry. wherein I learned the best practices for satisfying local and international customers. By working relentlessly to improve the customer experience, I learned that I love serving others, and that i have the capabilities necessary to provide customers with an exceptional experience that they will remember and share with their friends and family.

I am an optimist at heart, which I believe is essential to be successful, especially in times of uncertainty. I live my life with passion for my community and for building a business that integrates my experience and skills in hospitality, tourism, and fashion. Moreover, I practice compassion for everyone I meet, because I believe it creates a better world and allows me to develop strong relationships with people from all over the world.

Rwanda is landlocked and there are limited natural resources to rely on for financial stability, so instead we must rely on our intelligence and passion and think outside of the box by using our gifts and talents to create something that gives back to the community.

I believe everything is possible and my goal is to continue to work hard to do what I love. That means I will use my passion and experience to build a successful business and inspire others to pursue their dreams.

“Work hard until it pains because poverty hurts much more” – President Paul KAGAME

Winning is a relative term for everyone depending on what your goals are set on.
Profit-making to keep a business running is important but for a business that intends to remain relevant for decades, the focus should be on its customers and always ensuring an excellent service delivery to them.
But before an excellent piece can be delivered, the company’s back-end staff is important! Without them, products cannot be delivered.
For a business to produce products that meet high standards in terms of quality and efficiency, the employer must constantly ensure that its staff believes in the vision, is driven, skilled, passionate, adequately compensated and recognized for the input they make to the business during their period of employment up to the point of resignation if they desire to move forward.